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Our pies are a true southern dessert. Treat yourself and your family to the finest of southern baking with one of the yummy flavors listed below.

Pie Flavors

Luscious Lemon Cream

A light creamy mild lemon pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Made from scratch chocolate pudding topped with


Uhglee Betty’s Chocolate Pie

Dark chocolate custard made from scratch. Finished with an amazing cream topping. This is one for the chocolate lovers!

Coconut Cream

Old fashioned custard filling with coconut and topped with cream.

Apple Crumb

Fresh Apples Finished with Toasted Streusel Top

Fresh Apple Double Crust

Fresh sliced apples in flaky crust with or without cinnamon

Key Lime

Baked lime cream pie in a cookie crust.

Lemon Miracle

Lemon flavored, cream cheese filling in a crushed cookie crust.

Southern Pecan

A true Southern pecan pie.         


Coconut Chess Pie

Baked custard filled with coconut in a flaky homemade crust!  (try Vanila or Lemon Chess)

Extreme Egg Custard

True Southern Comfort! Made with real cream and fresh farm eggs!

Coconut Custard 

From scratch custard with sweetened coconut added!

Double Crust Fruit  Cherry, Blueberry or Strawberry        


Chocolate Pecan Ghirardelli Chocolate and Fresh Pecans

Pumpkin (seasonal)

Spiced just right!                


Sweet Potato with or without Pie Spices

Fresh sweet potatoes, real butter, whole milk, sugar and real vanilla make this a favorite! 

Lemon Chess

Baked Lemon Curd—a winner for lemon lovers

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