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We are a family owned and operated business.  Owned by HD and Janice Efird along with their nieces: Daphne Crawford, Adrienne Lambert and Tiffany Hocutt.  This business was built for and by young people with a passion for good food prepared from scratch.  We do not use mixes or additives for preservation.  We use fresh ingredients like real butter and farm fresh eggs.

With a passion for teaching and sharing, we have mentored young people that have become part of our permanent staff and some have gone on to obtain degrees in culinary arts.


How we handle our waste…

All of our cake scraps (trimmings from decorated cakes or any “failed” cakes that are not saleable) are sent to a local farmer each week to feed livestock.

Product left at the end of the day on Saturday is picked up by a local food pantry to help feed the less fortunate. 

Egg shells and other “waste” are collected and composted for local gardens.

Our goal is buy local as much as possible. 

We purchase milk and milk product from a local family owned operation.

We purchase eggs from a local family owned operation – my grandmother used to purchase “cracked” eggs from this farm when I was a child.

The coffee we serve is roasted locally from beans that are only from socially conscious farms. We think it’s the best! 

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